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Are you ready to be (even more of) a BADASS?

Coaching is a structured process, a science and an art that can help you step fully into your power, feel more joyful, and achieve more than you dreamed possible. 

Maybe you are in over your head at work,  managing a diverse team, moving to another continent,  feeling stuck, figuring out your next dream, or just want to feel sexier in your skin.

Working with me can help you tap into your purpose and true desires, gracefully navigate change, figure out what you want, and what's next, make a plan, overcome your fear, put imposter syndrome to bed, and invite more goodness into your life than you can even imagine. Sounds too good to be true, right? Just wait....

While some coaches always use a particular framework, I like to get to know you and pull exercises from a wide range of sources. Depending on YOUR needs and style, our sessions could be spiritual and soulful, creative and playful, witchy and woo, or hard-nosed, fast-paced and data driven. Or none/all of the above!  

It will always be honest (I won't bullshit you, and I'll know if you are bullshitting me, and call you on it). It will be work, hard work, but it will feel like play.

You are powerful, resourceful, and whole, NOW. You already have everything you need inside of you to achieve your dreams--even if you aren't sure what exactly they are just yet. 

"I started my coaching hour with a bit of trepidation - I had a secret entrepreneurial dream, near outlandish, but I was feeling it in my bones. Not only did Manya instill immediate calm and trust in divulging my dream, she helped me vocalize specifics to a place where this dream feels REAL. It’s not just hope, it’s goals and possibility! I left feeling filled where I had previously felt hollow; invigorated where I was previously exhausted. Manya is my new big-dream secret weapon."

-Megan Dowd, Founder

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"I was lucky enough to be inspired to think differently from M*Power’s courageous, creative and fearless founder, Manya. Her advice and coaching helped me better understand not only how to position my business for success, but helped unlock my true purpose, and unleash the courage to pursue it. Manya’s authenticity and humor made me wish I could spend another two days laughing with and learning from her! Anyone would be lucky to have her brilliant brain focused on their business.”

—Jennifer Willey, Founder and CEO 

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Working with Manya...

Metsehate Ayenekulu, PSI-Ethiopia, Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia


"It was such a privilege to me to be mentored  and coached by Manya both formally and informally, about both professional issues, and my life. Whenever I get stuck in my personal and professional life, what comes to my mind is speaking to her. I may not have a clear agenda for the conversation but I am always certain that if I talk to her, I will transform.

Even though our relationship mostly happened on skype, she might has well have been right next to me-- I always felt her energy and love. It’s contagious and can’t help but start to believe it yourself! Manya makes me laugh and cry at the same time, because she is humble and considerate. She listens to me so attentively, observes me carefully, and then later helps me to get over the things I thought were constraints. She always helps me to see how capable I am. 

Manya is an incredible change guide. Change shakes me a lot, because this is who I am. But because of her unconditional support, I feel like a very different person—one who can deal with what’s in front of me. Manya has gone through a lot in her life. Even though she was officially coaching me professionally, because of all of the things she has been through in her life, she was able to help me through one of the toughest times in my personal life too. Please work with her if you have the chance—but only do it if you are ready to change and become more powerful. Because you will."


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