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You need fresh-eyes perspective grounded in practicality


I am a social marketer with expertise in service and experience architecture. 

I have spent the last twenty years working in sub-Saharan Africa on public health issues like HIV, malaria and contraceptives, bringing life-changing  products and services to vulnerable folks including adolescents, sex workers, and men who have sex with men. 

Working on sensitive health issues, in hard contexts, with marginalized people has made me an empathetic, creative and practical problem solver. I bring fresh eyes and a very different perspective to design challenges.

You need big, measurable results

The proof is in the data, and I'm obsessed with the numbers. My work with clients and employers in more than 20 countries has delivered:

  • $200+ Million of new funding, often from new donors; governments, foundations, corporations and philanthropists
  • High profile engagement in vanguard strategic areas
  • Population-level impact 
  • Breakthrough insights and models of health service delivery and program design 
  • Work highlighted in top media outlets, including CNN, Huffington Post, USAID Frontlines , Forbes, and DevEx

You love passion, energy, and positivity

I lived and worked for 17 years in Sub-Saharan Africa, and recently moved back to the US to make a global difference. I care So. Damn. Much. About our team, about the people we serve, and about the change we can only bring about together. Do you believe change is possible? I'm curious, intrigued, and excited about it. Serious work can be a lot of fun. Together we're going to light fires!

Don't take it from me...


"Manya is a magical combination of authenticity, vision, empathy and rigor. She's able to rally those around her towards an audacious North Star with a path for getting there together. She empowers those around her to succeed."

-Jessa Blades, Managing Director,

"We wanted to express our extreme gratitude for Manya’s leadership during the formative stages of Adolescents 360.  Manya came to the program’s rescue, building a strong team, embracing ambiguity,  and fearlessly advocating for A360 principles – and adolescent girls." 

-Clarissa Lord-Brundage, Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Want to know the nitty gritty? 

Manya Dotson Professional CV - Public Health (pdf)


CV too dry?


Global Changemaker


After leaving a swanky job as a health editor at Fitness Magazine in NYC years ago, I landed in West-Africa, found public health and social marketing, and never looked back. It's been a humbling journey.

Some things I'm really proud to have been a part of: 

  • Designing a drop-in health and wellness center for adolescent sex workers in Togo;
  • Starting West Africa’s first HIV-prevention program for men who have sex with men;
  • Getting the Boyscouts of Kenya to earn a “malaria” badge—with a mosquito embroidered on it to hang millions of mosquito bednets all over Kenya. (And BTW, that bednet program, which was funded by UKAID, ended up being credited with cutting Kenya’s under-5 child death rate in half); 
  • Talking the President of the Republic of Togo into getting a public HIV test (there’s a really funny story behind that!)


Cracking the Code

Can you imagine a world where unwanted teen pregnancy is a thing of the past? I can!  

Recently, I enjoyed leading a multi-country $30M investment to get contraceptives to teen girls in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. That project is super-ambitious, and visionary. It brought together human centered design, developmental neuroscience, public health, marketing, and anthropology to reimagine contraceptive services for young people. And more importantly—it’s WORKING. Tens of thousands of teenaged girls all over Africa from villages and slums in Nigera, to rural Ethiopia, to peri-urban Tanzania are enthusiastically deciding to commit to themselves and their dreams by using modern contraceptives.  It’s a breakthrough! And there’s a pretty simple formula behind it that I believe can work with teenagers anywhere. 

After years of implementing, I am going bigger and supporting global health organizations and leaders from the inside out. M*Power Internationan is a strategic partner to courageous leaders who are serious about driving inspired change. I can help you build a vision and strategy you are on fire to implement, navigate the practicalities of multi-disciplinary design, meaningfully involve customers in your programs, and gracefully navigate growth and change. 



Living Heart First

While I am passionate about this work, my first love is my family. Living heart-first in West and East African countries for 17 years, and raising an interracial Brady-Bunch blended family, has left me with phenomenal stories to tell and lots to share as a writer and speaker. I am currently working on a book about the ways the “sexiest women in the world” (including Senegalese and Swahili women!) wield erotic power. 

A few examples of my work

Reframing of Contraceptives for Young People


 A360’s programs re-frame contraception as an immediate tool in service of girls’ self-expressed life dreams, including pregnancy when she’s ready.

Adolescent Access to Contraceptives


The Adolescents 360 project, which Manya led through July 2017 is achieving unprecedented results in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania. Approximately 57% of tens of thousands of girls reached by A360’s activities adopt a contraceptive method, and more than 51% of users are selecting long acting contraceptive methods—IUDs and implants.  

Insights about Adolescents and Contraceptives


Manya presented breakthrough insights delivered through a human-centered design process at The World Health Organization in Geneva, to FP2020, and to PSI's Board. 

She was a keynote speaker at the Youth Tech+ Health Conference, 2017.

Expert Interview for DevEx, World Contraceptive Day 2017


On World Contraception Day, advocates, including Manya, talked about how they are turning traditional public health models inside-out. Starting with her, getting out of boardrooms, going into her world, and engaging girls and women as partners.

A Journey of (re)Discovery: Human Centered Design in Abidjan


In 2018, Manya went back to Cote d'Ivoire, where she lived worked in a rural maternity clinic for two years. She went to work with adolescent girls in Abidjan,and took her Ivoirian teen daughter with her...

Kenyan University Students Find the Power of a Life Plan


Explore The Brighter Future, Jhpiego's first foray into working with young people on University campuses in Kenya.