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Get real. Get inspired. Make change.

" Working at PSI with Manya, I had a number of opportunities  to hear her speak. When Manya speaks, it’s truly magical. She knows how to  bring whatever subject she’s talking about to life and captivates her audiences. You can't believe an hour has gone by, because you were laughing and then crying, and you leave ready to do--no excited to do--whatever she has just talked about! Our CEO knew this, which is why he invited Manya to give an hour long talk about adolescent health to PSI's Board, which was a huge success. They left that room so excited about our future work with youth." 

-Alexis Coppola, Program Manager, Population Services International

"Manya's authenticity shines through every word as she shares her story and her desire for change. The  life she witnessed while living in Africa brought me to tears, but the work she is doing as a result has me inspired and ready to help. Manya is an incredible woman who will no doubt change this world for the better, and I hope that everyone can hear her story and be inspired by the work she is doing." 

-Ashley Jones, Founder Love not Lost